Adopting one of your magnificent kittens has been a dream come true. Humphrey has filled our lives with happiness and laughter since the first moment we held him in our arms. We love him so much!  You have been gifted with the knowledge on how to breed the best Persian qualities into your precious babies.They are Beautiful , healthy, gentle, loving, intelligent, confident and perfectly trained when you place them in their forever homes. Jordan has also to be complimented on his part by spending lots of his time playing with them which helps to socialize them. It really makes a difference in their personalities being born and raised for the first three months of their lives in a loving  family environment. We really appreciate all the effort, help, pictures & videos, literature, etc. that you provided from the start to include us in the entire journey of Humphrey's life. I would highly recommend you to any dedicated Persian cat lover who wishes to adopt any of your new kittens or adults. It is a heavenly experience!

Heather & Glen MacKinnon. 0400 937632


We purchased beautiful Bella (Himalayan) from Karen as a friend for our existing Persian Beemer.  He loves having her around and they often play together. She has settled in very well to her new home and we all love her very much. Karen provided  a lot of useful information on looking after our baby and always responded to any questions. We had a great experience and I would highly recommend one of Karen's babies if you are looking for a himalayan. Thanks Karen!

Christie & Jarrad 0417 543047


Our little Persian cat  is an absolute delight . Everything we hoped for and more. Congratulations to you for breeding something so small at the moment but growing quickly that brings so much joy to Nicole and myself. It was well schooled  in everything ,toilet, playing and cuddles. Nicole would buy more if she could but  I would strongly recommend to anyone your cattery. The way Sophie was presented to us was very professional and we loved the updates prior to pickup.

Tony & Nicole Gerraty. 0413 151822


Our beautiful kitten “Tom” came to us from Karen fully house trained and pleasure to handle in every aspect, because he has been raised in a family environment he fitted straight into our lives with out any fuss.  He is so much fun for our daughter who absolutely loves him, as soon as she gets home from school Tom sits up beside her to help with homework, she also puts him on a lead and walks him outside (like a dog) takes him down to the stables, nothing ever bothers Tom he is up for anything.  Karen is a excellent reputable breeder to purchase a kitten from, I  studied the Himalayan breed for sometime now and once I had seen the wonderful cats that Karen has bred I placed my order immediately.  Thank you Karen. 

   Leanne, Maurice and Grace. 0401 711721


We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our beautiful blue point kitten Gypsy. Purchasing him from you is the best decision our family has ever made, we all love him to bits. He is so curious about everything going on around him and so smart that I tell my teenage daughters to keep their phones and ipads away because he will probably start using them! Initially we were a bit apprehensive about introducing the cat to our older dog, but needn't have worried, Gypsy soon showed who was boss and entertains us all with his antics. The dog is now quite happy to share her space with him. Gypsy is both playful and loving and loves being groomed and greeting us with loud purrs when we wake in the morning. Thanks again for providing such a loveable little creature and for all your guidance in settling him in to  our home,

Jacquie Beare & family  0400 880 115


I would like to say thanks to Karen Thomson for my beautiful 'Skyler Blu' Persian Himalayan tabby colourpoint feline. Blu arrived in Cairns from Melbourne on 27th Jan 2015 & there he was a marvellous healthy ball of fluffy blue eyes joy. I have followed the whole trajectory since his birth on the 17th Nov.and it was a marvellous journey as Karen is a devoted breeder sending photos and clips of his developments and I couldn't be more happy to find her facebook timeline with all events of her passion for Persian cats and for life! Blu was sent to me with all info possible how to care for my new baby and Karen had even the special attention of sending toys Blu was familiar to play with when at Catmandu Cattery. I can't say enough thank you to Karen. It was a wonderful and trustful experience. Whenever I have some questions 'how to' of raising my beautiful Skyler Blu Karen is there with answers and support. I am impressed about Catmandu Cattery standards and care and passionate about all Karen's felines. In my concept Karen Thomson is The Master Breeder of all Breeders in Australia.

Best Regards Adrianne Pfieffer  0459 458220


* "Little did we know that we had actually been waiting for the new owners of the house to show. First came Beau, and with a regal air about him he surveyed his accommodation, found all was in order and settled in quickly into his routine, establishing his special spots to rest his royal butt - his daily grooming often met with a purr of satisfaction expressing approval that all was good in his domain. But then came Max and he took little time to decide that every 'spot' that Beau did previously lay claim to was now his own and if there was a large white cat there well he would either have to move or be prepared to have his leg chewed for a Beau would move rather than challenge this annoying ball of fluff - but not always and if not - well then begun 30 minutes of 'chase around the house'. Our boys are special and we love having them around, we have willingly changed our house and routine to accommodate them...thank-you Karen for your dedication, patience and professionalism as a breeder, it shows when one gets such great animals as these two - who are of course the best looking cats you have ever breed.

 regards  David & Stephanie"


* Hi Karen,   Biggles is doing fantastic he settled in straightaway, no dramas at all. The kids just love him so much, he drives my eldest son crazy sometimes because Biggles likes to walk all over his keyboard while he is on the computer.He is also fascinated with our big TV and often sits on the cabinet and waves his paw at the TV hahaha. We have no Christmas decorations left on the bottom of our tree as Biggles has taken them off lol. He just loves a cuddle with me at night when I'm laying on the couch watching TV, and his purring is so loud hahaha. So yep he is doing great, he is very funny but very loving as so pleased I got him :)I will keep in touch



 * I think you sold me the best dam one ! She has settled in like she was meant to be here.         She sleeps on my bed, she is boss of the big old boy cat, she is purring like crazy and smooching every one. We all belong to her now. She used her litter and ate plenty the night she got here. Thankyou so much. She is divine !  More than we hoped for.     

                                            Melinda and Cleo  xxxx


*Karen is extremely friendly and very professional. My persian is absolutely beautiful!!! Well worth it.                                                                                                                                                       



* Karen is a breeder of high integrity & quality of Persians. She has beautiful Show cats & kittens that have outstanding personalities & boning & have done very well on the Show Bench. I would highly recommend her as a breeder that is very caring & treats her Cat family as part of her family.



*I bought 2 beautiful Himalayan Persian Kittens from Karen at Catmandu Cattery during January 2010. They are little treasures and are such different personalities that we learn from them every day. We would be lost without them. We highly recommend Karen as a breeder because she encourages people to keep in contact for advice or just to let her know how everything is going and she is only an email for phone call away. Thank you for allowing Bella and Max into our lives.

Dennise Fear


*Thank you so much for all your guidance and support Karen. Rufus and Alfie are the most gorgeous cats with wonderful personalities. They have settled in well with my other Persian and are now a very happy family!! The whole experience was very smooth and I really appreciated all the information, time and care you provided. I wish you the best of luck in the future and will definitely recommend Catmandu to friends!



*To say we are happy with our kitten and dealing with you is a severe understatement. Oscar is the most loving, playful and affectionate cat on the planet.  He has settled in so well and loves our other 9 year old Persian. He is so playful and healthy and Kerry-Ann and I are just rapt.  Thank you so much with your help on hand-over day your experience and expertise is second to none and if we have any more babies (Persians) we will only come to you!! I have never found a cat more loving and affectionate in my life.                                                                                                  Your Persians are beautiful and your guidance, care and assistance is invaluable. Karen we are so, so thrilled with Oscar, he is simply the best.

Thanks,   Lee Turner     0448 816 220


*Thanks so much for allowing us to have one of your precious babies!   Alfie is such a special little guy who is sooo sweet, he loves his snuggles and he is always doing things that make us laugh. He has brought alot of joy to our lives and we love him to bits!!  And so does Phoenix!!!

Katie & Chris x


* "Our tabby Persian is 4 months old now, and we love her to bits.  She is great company, very affectionate, and easy to look after.  Karen has been fantastic in getting us ready for our kitten, and following up afterwards.  It gives us peace of mind knowing that our kitten has come from an experienced breeder who really does care."



* Thank you for allowing us to share our lives with two of your beautiful kittens.  In the short time since we brought them home, Bella and Mischief have become very precious to us and it seems that after having fully evaluated us and scrutinised our daily activities both girls seem to approve of their new home and their new humans.
Both girls get on incredibly well and have lovely natures - we feel very fortunate.
Thank you for being so approachable in the lead up to us bringing our kittens home, and spending time with us to show us how to groom and what to feed etc and thank you for your advise and support since.  It helps to know that you are only an email away!

Josie and Walter


*I cant recommend Catmandu Cattery highly enough! Karen has been fantastic and extremely helpful through the whole process of purchasing my baby girl Mollie! And her cats are absolutely divine! Would recommend to anyone, you won't be disappointed at all!!! :)

Kylie Liston (Brisbane)


*I highly recommend Karen and can't thank her enough for my new little friend, Bella! She was extremely professional and kept me updated throughout the whole process - giving me lots of useful information and lots of photo and video updates of little Bella before she arrived. Bella has settled in fantastically to her new home and I couldn't be happier. Karen's kittens are obviously reared in a loving and healthy environment and I have been really impressed with her after care showing how much Karen Really cares that her kittens go to loving homes. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase her gorgeous cats.

Nicole Garrett  (Sydney)


It was with great anticipation that I drove to the airport to pick up our little girl Pretty. After months of photos, updates, and hundreds of emails between Karen and I, our fur baby had finally arrived- and I was not disappointed. 

Pretty Orsum was indeed, pretty awesome. The fluffiest, beautiful kitten with the most gorgeous expression looked out at me with big round deep blue eyes, and I was instantly in love. As a seal tortie tabby point, Pretty is part of the foundation of our breeding program. We are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our lives, she is the most affectionate and beautiful cat, and she has claimed our one year old daughter as HERS- and they get up to some incredible mischief together! Thank you to Karen, who as always has been so helpful, and so supportive throughout my journey into the cat showing and breeding world. Karen has been a much appreciated source of accurate information and advice, and I am lucky to not only know Karen as the breeder of our gorgeous girl Pretty, but also to know her as a friend. Thank you for everything Karen! 

Sarah Wilson  


Hi Karen, just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for our awesome persian. He settled in quickly, was already toilet trained, easy to groom, and has an awesome personality. We couldn't be happier and will definitely recommend you very highly to anyone we know! Thanks again.

Ashley Weston 0439 101677


We just can't thank you  enough Karen for letting one of your precious babies grace our lives. Mushu had brought a very special element to our family, one that we didn't even know was missing until we adopted her. I have been looking for a fur baby for 18 months and we chose to go with Catmandu [a judge at her first show said "she was definitely worth the wait"]. Karen is a wealth of knowledge, extremely helpful, patient [with all my emails, texts during a show and questions LOL] and always professional. We wanted a pet first and foremost but while I was researching I decided that I would like to try my hand at showing. At Mushu's first show she won best Persian out of 15 and best in show out of 41 longhaired breeds. Her second show she won reserve Persian and 3rd best in show. Karen has guided me with grooming and showing and all of our hard preparation has definitely started paying off. We have the most beautifully natured little character in our baby and we just couldn't be happier with our decision. While I believe in researching adopting a kitten I also believe in fate and what is meant to be. Catmandu Kingdom Heart aka Mushu was meant for us and she is one of our treasures. Thank you for everything you've done and continue to you for us, you are now a lifelong friend.

Sue Murphy (QLD)  0413 753555








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